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The WaveLink Story

After a drowning at Lake Tuscaloosa caused by an exposed electrical line below the water’s surface, customers of Roger Miller‘s electrical contracting businesses began asking if there was a product that could alert them of this dangerous condition. 

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Arnar Thors, Co-Founder

Arnar Thors has a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, is an entrepreneur at heart, and is the co-founder of Fitz-Thors Engineering (FTE), AerBetic, and Hardware Park. His broad engineering experience in advanced manufacturing, product development, and prototyping is key to providing the knowledge and experience to rapidly move a product from idea to marketable in the most economical way. 

FTE is a full-service engineering firm which was founded in 2007 and has experienced year over year growth including the recession, with a team of over 30 people.  

Matt Fitzgerald, Co-Founder

Matt Fitzgerald has nearly 20 years of experience in engineering design and product/equipment manufacturing. His firm Fitz-Thors Engineering assists clients though streamlined in-house capabilities that enable design, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and delivery of complete solutions.

He and his business partner are passionate about supporting startups and assisting in new technology development. They have established Hardware Park as a product-focused innovation hub to serve Birmingham’s downtown technology district. He received his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Alabama and is a state Licensed Professional Engineer.

Roger Miller, Co-Founder

Roger Miller is a Master Electrician with 30 years of experience in the industrial electrical field and is the founder of Sky Electrical Contractors, LLC. Drawing on a variety of industrial experiences, Roger specializes in solving process control and data acquisition problems by using a mixture of hardware and software.

His experience and capabilities include systems engineering and design, systems integration and debug, custom automation systems, technology assessments, value engineering of existing systems, and system rebuilds and upgrades. Prior to venturing out on his own with Sky Electrical, Roger was an automation and design engineer for two Fortune 500 companies.  

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