The WaveLink Story

After a drowning at Lake Tuscaloosa caused by an exposed electrical line below the water’s surface, customers of Roger Miller‘s electrical contracting businesses began asking if there was a product that could alert them of this dangerous condition. 

Miller began searching for a water shock detection product that he could offer his customers. After testing all of the products on the market, he realized that none provided a reliable solution that he was willing to stake his company’s reputation on. 

He then approached Fitz-Thors Engineering to develop a better solution for detecting electricity in fresh water. FTE founders Matt Fitzgerald and Arnar Thors had also been considering the hidden danger of electrical shock drowning and whether there was a technological solution that could help keep people safe.   

The three men decided to combine their expertise and to form Marine Co Systems, LLC. After years of development and many prototypes, the trio has developed a product that has more than 10 times the range and that uses software algorithms and machine learning to deliver the highest quality water shock detection system available. 

Thanks to the efforts of the WaveLink team, Roger Miller is proud to now offer WaveLink to his customers, and also to you.