See How WaveLink Keeps Swimmers Safe

Patented Technology

WaveLink uses patented technology to identify the unique fingerprint of electricity from the grid or another dangerous source. This keeps the entire swimming area safe by extending monitoring range without generating false positives. When WaveLink detects electricity in the water, it sounds an audible alarm, activates a visual beacon on the dock, and sends an alert to your smartphone through the WaveLink app.

WaveLink's software-based approach learns your dock including the surrounding water, metal dock structures, and the power supply. This enables our patented machine learning algorithm to recognize dangerous electricity with unmatched accuracy.

Recognizing Dangerous Electricity

WaveLink measures voltage differentials that cause electrical current to flow in water. It also watches for alternating current's unique fingerprint. This makes it possible to distinguish dangerous current coming from the grid, versus harmless voltage variations that occur naturally.

Competing devices rely on technology from the 1950s to look for a simple voltage differential in water. This approach is unable to consistently identify electricity in a swimming area without generating false positives. Installers frequently manage false positives by turning sensitivity down to the point that only a few square feet of the swimming area are protected, and dock owners don't usually know the difference.

A Smart Device

WaveLink is a smart device that learns the waterscape around your dock. It creates additional layers of protection to keep your swimming area safe. The smart device continuously monitors the area around your dock and learns your unique waterscape. As WaveLink learns what to expect from your natural environment, it becomes more attuned to dangerous variations from normal. This enables a dramatic increase in sensitivity to protect your swimming area from dangerous electricity, even if it comes from other docks or sources.

Stay Connected To Your Dock

WaveLink keeps you connected to your dock from anywhere in the world through the WaveLink App. The WaveLink smart device has a battery backup and a high-power cellular connectivity to notify you anywhere in the world when dangerous conditions are detected around your dock. 30 days of data is stored in the cloud to identify intermittent problems.