The WaveLink App

What if you are not on the dock when the WaveLink Hub detects hazardous conditions? What if a power outage takes your dock offline? How can you isolate a dangerous problem if a breaker trips while you aren't at the lake? The WaveLink App is the answer.

With accurate, real-time information, you can take action to keep your friends and loved ones safe. Get critical alerts on your phone even when you're not at the lake through the WaveLink App. Connect to your dock from anywhere in the world for real-time access to water temperature, clarity, barometric pressure, and more. The WaveLink App keeps a 30-day record of all data collected so you can identify intermittent issues and stay informed about what is happening on your dock.

Included Features

  • Connect to your WaveLink Hub from anywhere with a data connection
  • Push alerts for dangerous conditions
  • Real-time access to your dock
  • Monitor water temperature, clarity, and barometric pressure
  • 30-days of historical data
  • Automatic software updates