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Keep your loved ones safe and secure at the lake. The WaveLink Hub is the first device capable of reliably monitoring your dock and swimming area for dangerous electricity without generating false alarms. A limited number of beta units are currently available for select lakes. To request a spot in our beta program, fill out the form below. Spots are limited until the product launch in early 2022. 

The WaveLink Hub

When the Hub detects hazardous conditions, audible and visual alerts warn everyone on the dock. Push alerts are also sent directly to your phone via a high-power LTE cellular connection and the WaveLink App. The WaveLink Hub includes a battery backup to keep you connected even during power outages. Access real-time dock conditions, including water temperature, clarity, and barometric pressure.

Electric shock drowning (ESD) is a growing concern around freshwater docks, and the WaveLink Hub provides the information you need to keep your loved ones safe. This one-of-a-kind smart device learns the unique waterscape around your dock to pinpoint electricity coming from the grid and other AC sources. A patented algorithm enables increased sensitivity to dangerous electricity without generating false alarms or triggering unnecessary dock shutdowns.

Included Features

  • Accurate detection of dangerous conditions without false alarms
  • Self-calibrating
  • Audible, visual, and app-based alerts
  • Access your Hub from anywhere via the WaveLink App
  • Monitor your dock and its electrical feed
  • Monitor conditions including water temperature, clarity, and barometric pressure
  • High-power LTE cellular
  • Battery backup
  • Automatic software updates